Service Department

Ashford’s Service Manager Tim Cottrell.

“now we have the scale of facilities we need to work highly efficiently."

The sale is regarded not as an end but as the beginning of what is in many ways the biggest challenge: to follow through with a level of after-sales service that makes the company an obvious choice for future business.

It is a responsibility which Ashford’s service team, managed by Tim Cottrell, do not take lightly. Tim joined the company as an engineer and worked his way via foreman to his present role running a team of eleven operating right across Kent and into parts of London.

“The key discipline is being able to do a lot of things at once and to stay on top of them,” he says. “The sheer volume of work we go through here is huge.”

Tim is supported by Robin Williamson as Workshop Foreman and by experienced specialists in specific areas which now include Tristan Skinner as Senior Agricultural Engineer.

“The move into the new depot is really important for all of us because we have previously been struggling for space and now we have the scale of facilities we need to work highly efficiently. You couldn’t bring big tractors into your remit without the space to do it.”

He adds: “We are all very proud now to be able to say that we work at a flagship Kubota franchise.””

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Service Facts

  • 1,700 sq ft workshops
  • 12 service bays
  • 11 highly trained mobile engineers
  • 11 fully equipped vans
  • £4m parts stock across the group
  • 24-hour parts delivery
  • Daily inter-depot delivery service

In The Front Line

As a master technician, Tristan Skinner knows a good tractor when he sees one - and he is very happy right now to be building his career around the new Kubota M series.

“There is a lot of talk within the business about the mark that Kubota is going to make on the market for larger tractors,” he says. “The M series ticks lots of boxes and I reckon it has a big future.”

Tristan comes to the role as senior engineer looking after tractors for Lister Machinery at Ashford with extensive experience. He completed a three year agricultural apprenticeship and subsequently spent 11 years working on a leading tractor brand for another dealership. He has also worked on smaller Kubota tractors in Kent.

“It’s a good business to be in because you meet some great characters and there is never a dull day,” he says.

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