Product Focus
The Kubota M7001
With up to 170 horsepower at its disposal, the M7001
Series takes Kubota in one bold leap into the heart of
the UK’s mainstream tractor market.

The powerful and heavyweight M7001 is the biggest and most efficient tractor the Japanese manufacturer has ever built,designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of professional farmers.
Close on its heels has come the launch in recent months of the M5001 Series, offering 95 to 113hp and powered by a four cylinder V3800 Kubota engine and including a host of leading edge technology. Put the two series together and you have a serious assault on the market.

The M series tractors are being manufactured at a new €40 million production facility in Northern France as part of a Kubota commitment to the mainstream agricultural market. The company has reaffirmed its aim to expand its large-scale dry-field agricultural equipment business in Europe and North America alongside Kverneland AS, the Norwegian tractor implement manufacturer which was acquired in 2012.

The M7001 is seen as a flagship model for large scale, dry-field farming, with engine options all the way from 130 to 170 hp.Currently, there are three models - M7131, M7151 and M7171,a team of versatile all-rounders that should appeal to both the livestock and arable sectors.

Power comes from a 6.1-litre, four-cylinder turbocharged Kubota engine which is shared across all three models, but in the M7171 itdelivers 170hp, with a 5hp boost for power take off and transport.

The M7 Series also establishes a platform for the potential addition of even higher powered five or six-cylinder models.

Rob Edwards, Kubota Agriculture’s Business Development Manager is enthusiastic about the M7001 which is available in Sand Premium specifications, with a choice of powershift or KVT transmissions, manual or electronic spools and a 7in or 12in touchscreen terminal.

“These tractors sit right at the heart of the mainstream tractor market and their specifications can be tweaked to suit needs and budget,” he says.

Available in either standard or the premium Kubota Variable Transmission (K-VT), the M7001 has a number of market leading features such as its best in class lift capabilities on front and rear linkages (3900kg front and 9400kg rear), excellent visibility witha four pillar cab design, great ride quality with dynamic front suspension, and a spacious and well laid out cab to maximise operator comfort and control.

M7001 Series Key Features
• K-Monitor – single large touch screen display, ergonomically arranged for effortless control of all tractor and implement operations (optional features: auto steering, implement cameras) • Innovative Kubota Isobus – one terminal for all implements offering centralised data collection, easy data transfer to terminal with standardised connectors • Geo Control solution with auto guidance/auto steering— complete GPS precision farming solution for improved field output year to year without additional cost • Headland management system (Premium and Premium K-VT models) for easier and precise headland turning • Standard multifunction lever provides improved operator comfort, intuitive control and simple operation • High-performance hydraulic system for enhanced operational efficiency and ability to multitask • Category 3, rear three-point linkage with up to 9,000kg lift capacity • Unobstructed visibility with a new four-pillar cab design • Spacious air conditioned cab, offers superb operator comfort along with low noise levels for a quiet and comfortable working environment on those long days. Extra comfort can be available with choice of mechanical or air cab suspension system • Three-stage front suspension system for advanced cab comfort and stable, precise operation.